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Estate Appraisal Service in Las Vegas


My name is Bobbee Finkel and I have been active in the Antique and Arts business for greater than 35 years. I began my interest began when I lived in New York and became divorced. The need for extra money became apparent when I had to pay tuition for kids in college. I went to garage and estate sales and learned the trade of buying and selling quality pieces. A graduate of the New York School of Interior Design and City College, along with more than twenty years growing my estate sale business I have honed my skills in appraising and valuing art and collectibles. I have an understanding of items that are desirable and sought after.

Although I can visually value a vast amount or objects, I do not profess to know everything and often use the internet to research information. Such sites as eBay, Replacements and Ask Art are wonderful sources of information.

In addition to Artwork and Collectibles, I have a vast knowledge of Antique furniture. While living in New York, I attended many auctions and sold at high-end Antique shows such as THE NEW YORK PIER SHOW, PARK AVENUE ARMORY SHOW and THE BIG MARKET in BRIMFIELD, MASS. I have retained my affiliation with the major New York auction galleries know as SOTHEBYS AND CHRISTIES. If I come across an item that has a particular value, I believe is far greater than the Las Vegas market will bear, I contact my associate experts in the aforementioned galleries for their expert opinion.

We offer appraisals for the following purposes:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Tax
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Financial Planning
  • Gift Tax
  • Insurance Claim Appraisals
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Non-Cash Charitable
  • Donation Trusts/Conservatorships

The fee for my appraisal service is varied. I have an hourly rate for a verbal appraisal where I will look at your items and tell you what the current market values are based on desirability and condition. My written appraisals are thoroughly researched and formatted for attorneys and legal issues.

I am available for a no-fee consultation to discuss whether the scope of my work and expertise is appropriate for your particular needs.

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