What you need to do to start the process

What YOU should do before your estate sale.


We are proud of our service and invite future clients to visit our estate sales to get to know us. You will experience how we set-up the location, advertise in a variety of media outlets, conduct the sale, and clean-up the premises.

2. Contact All American Liquidations & Estate Sales to set-up a free consultation for your estate.

3. Do Not Throw Anything Away!

Surprisingly, people by EVERYTHING. We will take care of the sorting and organization to maximize the contents of your estate.

4. Utilities:

Please do not turn off the electricity. Cool customers are happy customers and they will stay and shop longer.

5. Personal Papers and Photos:

Please be sure to remove any papers and photos prior to the estate sale. We do make every effort to save such documents when we come across them and forward them to you.

6. Prescription Medicine:

Please remove any prescription drugs.